Helvete-Hund Weimaraners 

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A male tends to be larger, more bold and can be overly independent. He will house train quicker than a female, but has a problem with wanting to mark their territory IF they are left intact. If left as an intact male, there are potential dog fights and the desire to chase females. Males can lose focus more easily. They also take a little longer to mature and fully understand training.


Females are more affectionate to the family but less accepting of outsiders. If not spayed, they have messy heat cycles twice a year. They mature faster and focus a bit better than males, but tend to be harder to house train. They are smaller in size and not as bold as the males. 

They are prone to want to be in your lap even after they are older.  
Finally, my females tend to be very much daddy's girls and can be very stubborn and difficult at times.


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