Helvete-Hund Weimaraners 

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Ivy is an Ash/Cleo pup also from their second litter.  She is a very well built compact machine,  She weighs 55 lbs and is a high speed tank.  She is super playful with more will and the attitude to match.  She trains and hunts well, but takes a little more correction to get things (your way) or you get that cocked head, curled lip that says "Don't tell me my job boss, you just keep up"!
Tess is an Ash/Cleo pup from their second litter, she is built taller and longer.  She has a broad hound face and muzzle and her tracking skills are very good.  When she hits bird scent, the switch in her kicks into overdrive.  When she is not out hunting, she is a sweet, loving, wants in your lap for attention type dog.  Her softer personality makes her easy to train.
Hell-n is an Ash/Cleo pup with a lighter blue/gray coat.  She is built like her mother, just a little overall smaller.  She has a nice big chest, broad muzzle and TONS of drive.  She has a playful, clobber-foot personality and really enjoys her water and field work.  She is a very nice mix of both parents.


Cleo is a 61-lb blue-female (with lighter blue/gray coat). She has a very nice conformation. She also has a large barreled rib cage, a very good nose and a strong pointing instinct. Her field work and water drive are excellent. She shows a good desire to please and learns quickly. She is confident with an added loving, pleasing personality.

ABBY - RETIRED - Livin' the high life 


Abby is a 55-lb blue-female with a very loving personality. She thinks she is a lap dog as soon as she enters the house. Her field and water work are very good. She has an extremely intense point and bird drive. Her range is medium with great stamina. She is a very quick learner. A "please the master" type.

PennHip: L .26 - R .16   Top 90%

CERF: Clear & Normal

NAVHDA N. A. 94 Prize III

Dam Photos