Helvete-Hund Weimaraners 

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Our Herd of Hound Dogs

For years I hunted over yellow labs. My friend that I paled around with as a kid had a Weimaraner (which wasn't very welled trained). However, kids think they are trainers, I trained my yellow lab and hunted many a birds over him. Years later I meet a pair of weims in a hunting & fishing camps in Alaska, and I really liked the breed. I studied the breed and thought that I would like to have one some day. One day after my lab flushed too many birds out of gun range, I finally said "That's it! I'm getting a pointing breed" Of course, a Weimaraner was my only thought. That is how I ended up finding little Ash. I remember the breeder (who is now my close friend Dawna Miller from PM Weimaraners) said his nickname was Spiderman. She said I would have no problem handling him, Oh boy was she wrong! Ash handled me very well. I enjoyed hunting with him so much that I decided I wanted another one, so I could hunt in pairs. More birds was my thought, I was wrong there too! I had turned into a dog training junky. This led me to try hunt testing with NAVHDA. I had a great time, and learned what I could do better. I also met many new friends. With Dawna Miller's blessing she convinced me to breed my two dogs (which was another bad idea.) I loved the puppies, and the rest is a blur of dogs and birds. I should have took up fishing. 

Thank you for considering my dogs! When you are ready for your puppy, give me a call, and we can talk fishing. 

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