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Abby is a 55lb Blue Female with a very loving personality, she thinks she is a lap dog as soon as she enters the house. Her field and water work are very good. She has an extremly intense point and bird drive. Her range is medium with great stamina. She is a very quick learner. A please the master type.

PennHip:  L .26, and R .16        Top 90%

Cerf: Clear and Normal

NAVHDA N.A. 94 Prize III


Helvete-Hunds Dark Moon Rising

Cleo is a 61lb blue female (with a lighter blue/gray coat in color). She has very nice conformation. She also has a large barreled rib cage, a very good nose, and a strong pointing instinct. Her field work and water drive are very excellent. Good desire to please and learns quickly. She is very confident with a loving ,pleasing personality. 

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